Here at Utter Mckinley San Fernando Mission Mortuary,
we always recommend that you compare prices.

General Service Price List

  • Utter McKinley San Fernando Mission Mortuary: *$4,830.00
  • Crawford Mortuary: $5,210.00
  • Guerra Cutierrez J.T. Oswald Mortuary: $5,320.00
  • Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary: $5,480.00
  • Bastian & Perrott: $5,720.00
  • Eternal Valley: $ 7,020.00

*Itemized price for full chapel service. Utter McKinley offers a reduced package price of $3,864.00, available to families who select a casket from our funeral home. Other mortuary prices are from their General Price Lists obtained on or after 12/2022. Discounted packages may be offered at other mortuaries.